My Sweet Little Personal Barista

My son knows that my husband and I love coffee and that we always have at least one cup before we start the day. 

We got into this habit when we bought our espresso machine several months back. It was one of the machines that received the highest ratings and I am happy to say that it was worth the investment. 

Our daily routine includes having the first to rise to brew coffee first thing in the morning then only do we go wash up. Our little preschooler thinks it's quite funny that we would walk into the kitchen in our nightgown, just to make coffee, sometimes even with our eyes closed! 

He thinks that it's a game and so would pretend to be a little barista in the mornings and help either my husband or myself prepare the cups of coffee. He would follow us downstairs and help take out the coffee beans. He would then climb up a stool to watch the brewing process while we start the machine.