If your idea of a toaster is an electric kitchen appliance just to toast bread, then you are only partially correct as today, there are new features added to a toaster. The best toaster depends entirely on individual preference and usage.

If you plan to get a toaster just for home use alone, then go for a regular toaster as a regular toaster allows you to defrost or reheat the bread without drying it out.

If you are a businessman dealing in catering services, then the conveyor toaster is something you will be looking for as it allows more bread to be toasted at one time. If you need a toaster that does more than toasting, for instance baking or broiling which requires a larger oven, then go for the toaster oven. It also allows you to toast with toppings although it may take a longer time.

In a nutshell, most toasters today can meet all your needs as long as you have the money to spend. You can search reviews on the best toasters 2016.